Space Shuttle’s 40th Anniversary | 'Something Just Short of a Miracle'


Space Shuttle’s 40th Anniversary | 'Something Just Short of a Miracle' On April 12, 1981, space shuttle Columbia launched for the first time with NASA astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen aboard. With 10 years of design and development, the shuttle was the first of its kind — a reusable vehicle for travel to low-Earth orbit. The STS-1 Mission would demonstrate safe launch into orbit and safe return of the orbiter and crew and verify the combined performance of the entire shuttle vehicle - orbiter, solid rocket boosters and external tank. Commander John Young called the flight “something just short of a miracle.” The success of the STS-1 Mission was the beginning of an era and over the course of three decades, the space shuttle program redefined what we know about living in a microgravity environment. Learn more at: Producer Credit: Sonnet Apple Music: Universal Production Music

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